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Full Version: Reported theme not being removed
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I think the account of Mostafa Shiraali has been hacked: his profile has been modified.
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(2019-10-06, 02:22 PM)DevLife Wrote: [ -> ]A good suggestion for MyBB is have a Reviewer that reviews the themes and plugins that are being submitted

I know this thread is slightly old, but I used to review a lot of the Plugins submitted back when I was active. Themes are always a pain to go through because there is so much that has to be tested. Plugins are not as bad, but I know when I used to do plugin approving, I also looked at code to verify that there aren't obvious security issues. I also tried to see if there are performance concerns with the plugin and if so, I would at least give the plugin author suggestions on fixing it on their next build.
Reviewing submissions can be anything. From checking they are valid submissions to testing them thoroughly or doing security checks.
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