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Full Version: Employee Intranet: CMS or Forum?
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I know I'm likely to get a biased opinion here but I still see value in the opinions, especially if someone has tried similar before.

I'm likely to open a franchise for a quick service restaurant next year and I am looking in to web solutions to help me. I can't code for diddly squat but not new to web development. I've had a server with cPanel for 5+ years now but haven't done something like this.

There will be a public website for customers which will likely be off of Wordpress. The only other CMS I love is Joomla, and although the permission controls are much more sophisticated, I actually find them a little too much. If I went the Wordpress route I would need to use a plugin to allow me finer grain permission control to be able to hide employee pages. The alternative is to create a seperate Wordpress website under cPanel's/htaccess password protection.

However while thinking about this I also thought back to my forum days with MyBB, and although WhatsApp would be used for day to day communications, I'm wondering if going down the route of a MyBB forum would also work quite well for an intranet, allowing seperated discussions, providing similar benefits to wordpress, but with much less faffing with permissions as MyBB has a damn f**king solid permissions system which is the right blend of advanced yet simple.

At present I'm split 50/50. Wordpress may work better for general organised information, but the permissions control may be a pain. A forum would be more organised but employees may be put off looking for specific information unless it's well organised with sorted or locked boards or a manually created directory of links. Both are suitable solutions, being flexible, free and scalable with company growth.

Thoughts please?

TLDR: Considering using either a hidden part of a wordpress website or a MyBB forum as an employee intranet but don't know which to pick. Wordpress is easy and organised but MyBB has better permission controls.

Note: Not interested in adding a forum plugin to Wordpress, the wordpress route would be an information website only but restricted to employees.
Just for your particular case, I feel Drupal or Joomla are better alternatives.