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Full Version: Clickable post icons :)
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you know.. I always love clickable post icons for smilies.

I made then clickable in almost every bulletin software I have.

so here for anyone who wants clickable post icons for smilies.

I dont quite understand what you mean?
The mod makes the post icons at the top of the "New Thread" and "New Reply" pages clickable just like the smilies to the left of the text box. When you click on the post icon, it is inserted into your post text just as a smilie would be when clicked.
I submitted it after i tested it with RC3
it is working in RC4 Smile

just need to do little editing I guess.

haha, I updated my clickable post icons to mybb 1.6 Smile
It is a plugin for mybb 1.6 now.

I just submitted it on

the direct link is