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Full Version: Can someone help me and a user get our forum going please
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We need help with some things... If you would gladly help us We will make you a admin to get our forum up and running...Here is a link to our forum..

And here is our msn addreses for you to help us..
[email protected] (mine)
[email protected] (wu tangs)

Please someonee help us get things going
Please post some information about what your problems are and what needs doing, and we'll try and point you in the right direction.

Please also bare in mind that this forum is for support with modifications and themes available from this site rather than general myBB support, which you can get from the official myBB forums.
If your forum needs moer activity in general you can try the following:

1. Increase the amount of content on your main website, the more pages you have filled with content, the more your pages will be spidered by Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines.

2. Advertise, anywhere you see a place that allows you to advertise your site, jump right into it.

3. Tell your friends, and have them tell their friends, and so on.

4. Hack it up, add more hacks that allow your members to do more. And make it so that in order to achieve these things, people have to be actual members.

5. A decent layout is always best.

There are several other ways to get activity, but these are the key points. Hope it helps. Smile
Well, I need more themes for 1. I need some help setting up the forums ( there installed and everything and chit)

2. I need to know how to change the colors of the smods admins and mods

3. I need to know how to set up more groups on the fourm team page
Well, for more themes you can look at the "Themes and Template Sets" category on the main myBB Mods.

For the other things you need help with, you should probably ask on the official myBB support forums rather than here. However, if you look at the settings for your individual usergroups, you will see how to change the name style of the group and control whether or not the groups can be viewed on the "Forum Team" page.
Tip: Make sure your board has modifications that members like. Try and ask your forum members what they want to see.
Okay a few more questions. I got some night theme I downloaded off here, but I don't understand how to install it. And at the main index fof hte forum how do you get the links were wene you put the mouse over it, it changes colors.
Installation instructions are included in the themes download package. However, you should not attempt to install it, as it has not yet been updated to make it compatible with RC3.
I said I dunno how to install it. I read the dodgy instalation instructions but yall need to give more info on how to install couse I dunno how.. How do we get our links at top of page chang colors wene ya put mouse over it??