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Full Version: The report button doesn't do anything.
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Using Mybb 1.8.21 on

The report button isn't doing anything when people click it.

Test account: MybbTest // Mytest123

Theme: iGame1817
The report button will do a JavaScript action, opening a modal element.
The report link is correct at all. So you might...

1. check the JavaScript. Compare your current theme template with the original one and find any difference.
2. check the modal element

Did this button never work at all? Did you make any changes to the forum since then?

I had a theme problem that was solved by comparing custom templates against default templates. Check the headerinclude and compare. Default template for 1821 had extra code. When I added it to custom template, the modals worked.

	var templates = {
		modal: '{$jsTemplates['modal']}',
		modal_button: '{$jsTemplates['modal_button']}'