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Full Version: SQL Error when Enabling plugins
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I have a forum and in the process of moving it to a new host

before I move it to a new host I wanted to play around with it locally so I know how to do transfer ok 

Every seems to go ok until I get some errors when I Re enable the mybb plugins on forum

the errors are as follows

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

Do you know how I can fix these's errors?

These Plugins work on my host currently just when I moved i over to localhost the issues occur


*Running Latest Mybb Forum Software
*Backup was done via phpmyadmin as SQL and imported to Local phpmyadmin on my computer

Once I know a solution to this I will be able to tackle my forum tranfer for real to the new host

many thanks 

The first few errors are php 7.3 related: