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Full Version: Mysterious Login Issue Still Persists
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New install (about 2 weeks old) of 1.8.21.

Originally, I was having the "Authorization code mismatch. Are you accessing this function correctly? Please go back and try again." Error. I did all the edit steps for the templates and replaced the general.js file as well and things seemed to sort out and work.

But we're still having the same issue on different devices. One member was logged in fine at home. When he went to work on Monday, he tried to log in while at lunch from his iPhone and got the error. Then when he got home he was getting the same error from the system he had logged in from with no issues before.

Another member tested the system and here is his results:

Alright. I had problems with my tablet and was totally unable to login in. I get a "Authorization code mismatch. Are you accessing this function correctly? Please go back and try again."

I attempted and was able to recreate the same situation at home. Unable to log-in. Then I tried something else and viola, I'm in.

In BOTH cases where access was denied from tablet and PC I attempted to login into the forums by going to these forums via the 'Forums" tag on the main site (upper left).

My successful login from home was via my own browser favourites link vice the main site link.

FURTHER: apparently the site doesn't like you logged-in on two machines at the same time? My normal working PC log-in failed once the tablet was logged in??

I have tried to duplicate the results and have also experienced the issue. I log in from a laptop and get the error. Then I go back downstairs to the main computer and get the error as well. I have to clear out cache and cookies over and over again to get it to start working again.

I'm stumped as to what the problem can be. I'm sincerely hoping there's a fix for this because people are getting more than a bit frustrated with it.

Link to forum. 

Thanks for any help.
This might be what you're looking for. 
While I'm not 100% sure it is going to fix your issue, it's worth a try.
Please note, I can't confirm that the solution will come without any errors. Though, I've implemented it on my forum, and everything seems to work fine.
I'd recommend waiting for when MyBB 1.8.22 comes out with that patch applied - it shouldn't be too long. But, if you want, you can manually apply the patch now.
This is pretty common issue and sadly happens usually with custom themes that arent updated to latest MyBB.