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Full Version: Make "last post" stuff visible.
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Okay... First of all, sorry for my poor english.

Now, I recently started using MyBB and I'm having an issue after removing stats bar from right side of my forum.

Now I want the forum displays at all screen, not just at left. 

 [Image: L3uYmF7.png]

I want forum to also be at (rectangled) right region. I also need to display the last poss, messages and replies count (only visible with 90% or less zoom).

Quote: Wrote:To receive support users must display a powered by notice on every page of their forum:
Powered by MyBB.
Done. I'm sorry.
(2019-12-12, 07:08 PM)Zakees Wrote: [ -> ]Done. I'm sorry.
It's okay Smile

To change the forum part to display in the rectangle section as well, change 
.forum {
	width: 77%;
in css3.css to
.forum {
	width: 100%;
. I don't know how you would go about doing the second thing though.
I don't find where can i change it...

Okay. I did it. But "last post", "messages", etc don't show yet...