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Full Version: inc/functions_indicators.php
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I did a File Verification and found a problem.


What does did mean and what to do?
It means the file is different to the original mybb file. This could be because you made a change in it sometime in the past.

you can back it up, and replace it with one from the latest install package, then run the tool again.

I should add that a changed file is not necessarily bad, you maybe running code changes with for example the patches plugin. Then you don't need to be doing what i suggested above.
What does this file do?
Can changes are made by plugins?
(2019-12-18, 08:42 PM)spinning Wrote: [ -> ]What does this file do?
Can changes are made by plugins?

I edited my first post. Yes a plugin can make changes to files.
Probably Definitely a plugin that modified a core file.
Maybe "View Unread Posts".
Thanks I use that plugin so that plugin make this changes.