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Full Version: How to permanently delete any post?
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Some of our threads are attracting tons of spammers comments. Now I delete those posts plain and simple. But when I go to those threads (signed in as admin) I see option that I can restore those posts. Now in some of those threads I have deleted 20 or 30 posts. So, these restore options are basically increasing the threads page count. How can I delete them permanently?

I hope I am explaining it correctly.
you can try using this plugin => Purge soft deleted posts and threads
Quote:... attracting tons of spammers comments. Now I delete those posts plain and simple
basically spammers should be purged using Purge Spammer function available at the posts.
But all users are not shown "Purge Spammer" option. Is there no way to hard delete those posts? Without using any plugin for it?
^ you can select those posts & use Delete Posts Permanently option available at Inline Post Moderation tools

[Image: irAgqDP.jpg]

Edit: you can set a higher post count (eg. 100 or 50) for the Purge Spammer functionality
so that spammers with a higher post count can be purged easily ...
Okay the posts I have mentioned that I deleted are through the 'Delete' option present in the post while I sign in as admin. So, how do I delete them permanently too?

From now on I shall be deleting all posts through this option now which you mentioned.

And I didn't understand the post count limit that you mentioned. Is that rate of post? Or just post count? Because many spammers doesn't have that much posts in their count.

Okay so I used the plugin. The only problem after uploading the files is that I cannot see the plugin through ACP hence I am unable to activate it.
posts deleted through delete button can be selected for permanent deletion.
first use show this post button at the deleted post & then select to use moderation tool.

[Image: nIWw07P.jpg]

Quote:... Is that rate of post? Or just post count?
it is the limit of posts. if the limit is set as 100 then posts made by users
having up to 100 posts will have purge spammer function's button at the posts.

reg. plugin : ensure that plugin's files are uploaded to correct locations.
Yes I have uploaded the correct files in the correct directories one in inc/tasks and another in inc/plugins