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Full Version: modcp.php
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Dear folks, 

Actually I have problem when editing member signature or suspending a member from posts in moderation page for example, I hit update profile but nothing is saved!!! In other words, modcp.php is not saving changes.

Kindly let me know how to solve.

Thanks and regards.
You can apply a manual fix by adding the highlighted bit to modcp.php: (this will be included in MyBB 1.8.22).
I removed if(is_array($errors)) and replaced with if(is_array($errors) && !empty($errors))

Edit signature worked but if I suspended a member from posting, still not working.

Kindly advice.
Did the page give you any warning/error when you try to suspend member's posting permission?

Ah, there are two of such issue.. Just del above. :lol
Now both working!!

Thanks for your kind and professional answer  Blush

Best regards.