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Full Version: Problem with enconding
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Dear All , 
i have an old vbulletin 3 forum and I am trying to convert it at MYBB 
(utf-8 general ci) but i get not understoonding letters . 
Do you know someone a solution ?
What's the encoding of your old vbulletin 3 forum tables?
Yes , the database which has the vbulletin has utf-8 general ci and latin1 swedish ci
So I change the vbulletin database all tables to have utf-8 general ci and the results to mybb (utf8 general ci) was question marks .
I reload the database with old vbulletin with latin1 swedish ci and the results to mybb (latin1 swedish ci) was like chinese letters.
You should leave the old original vbulletin's database tables' encoding as what it is, and correctly set the old table encoding and tick the UTF-8 conversion checkbox corresponding to the actual settings when running the Merge System.

You may provide more information about your old database tables.

Since it's a Merge related thread, I'll have this thread reported to a moderator to move it to the correct forum.

You're using the Merge System, aren't you?
Yes ,  i am using Merge system .

I did this on my php admin
If you have made the conversion, and the characters aren't displaying correctly, check this thread and see if it applies.

It seems to be possible to store utf8 encoded characters in latin encoded fields. Trying to convert the database may fail with unrecognized character codes. My fix was to specify how the fields were initially stored so that mybb knows how to handle the character stream.