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Full Version: Flatty MyBB Bullets not working
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I have a flatty theme and the bullets and numbered lists are not working when posted, also a crlf is not showing up after posting but that may be a unrelated setting I can change. I am aware this problem has been discussed before and I have found multiple solutions that seem to work for others, but I am still having trouble. 
This is a preview but the same thing happens when I post, this was just easier since it can be done in one image:

Here are the solutions I have already tried with no results:

I just checked your post and it seems to show properly.
Not for me, could you provide a screenshot?
may be your web browser is blocking scripts & fonts. check with a different browser.

[Image: KUGyAzW.jpg]
Hmm Interesting it didnt work on opera or chrome, but it did on microsoft edge, but who wants to use edge...
What browsers are you guys on?
It would be nice to work on every one since I am unsure what browser users will be on.

UPDATE: I got a friend to test it out with me using browsers and while I could not get it to work on chrome, he could. I wonder why it is not working on my end. I only have one extension active and its adblock even with it disabled I still cannot see the bullets. I will keep looking for a solution in the meantime.
not sure why font awesome icons are not visible for you
- but they are visible for some others. I'd suggest to
see few search results so that you can solve the issue.

basically it might be better to not use third party
websites (like CDN) for loading the font based icons
Maybe you have to hard refresh your browser cache 😉

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(2020-01-03, 07:56 AM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]basically it might be better to not use third party
websites (like CDN) for loading the font based icons

it's not difficult to download the FontAwesome content and host it on your server.
You'll need to change the reference in the theme headerinclude template so it comes from you.

Theme developers like their attribution to stay in place as well.
Small price to pay for someone else's work. It's a courtesy kind of thing.