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Full Version: forum rederict
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As I know I had this function in my old forum but cannot find it anymore (or does nog anymore how it works).

I use 8 forums, with 30 categories
1 of those categories I can put in forum 2 and forum 3
Is there a way to make a copy, link or redericting from this category in forum 3 as the orginal is in forum 2.

So the category in forum 2 and 3 are the same.
You would have to make a separate category, but have that redirect to the category you want to use.

IF I understood you correctly.
I do not exactly know what you mean so perhaps I do not explain myself well. So lets make an example.

child forum 1a
child forum 1b
child forum 1c
child forum 2a
child forum 2b
child forum 2c
child forum 3a
child forum 3b
child forum 3c(=child forum 1c) when you enter this forum you go to child forum 1c
Yes, create forum 3c, when creating that forum, at the bottom of the first block, and before the permissions block, there is a "Show Additional Options" link. Click that to expand it. The first setting "Forum Link", you will put the URL to forum 1c.
thanks that works