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Full Version: Avatar Captions
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Same thing applies but you need to add a bit about adding Maximum Length (or it wont work) to about 25-30 is the best.

Also, change it from adding
$avatar<br />

$avatar$post[fid6]<br /><br />
It looks neater by far Smile

oh, and also: ACP -> Profile Fields -> Add is no longer. Its ACP -> Users and Groups -> Custom Profile Fields
I've not gotten around to updating the tutorials yet, but be assured that I will do soon. However, if I make the changes you suggested about where to place the avatar caption, there's no line break after the avatar, which seems to mess up the layout, so I'll probably keep it where it is for now.
(I am going to use some of the tuts so if I experence problems Ill fix and post the final working code to save you from doing it Smile )

As for the changes I suggested, there doesn't have to be a line break, it does it automaticly (why do you think Post: is a <p> under the av, not a <br /> Toungue there is an invisible <br />) Doing what I suggested make it look the attachment (the way many would want it)