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Full Version: Problem displaying forum - UTF
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I have problem with my forumnamely, When i open my website where i have forum. the site crashes characters (screen). How can I fix it ??

[Image: attachment.php?aid=30976]

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Disable gzip compression in ACP ( Home » Board Settings » Server and Optimization Options)
unfortunately did not help ;/
try hard refreshing browser [press CTRL + F5 a couple of times] or try with another browser
This might be obvious, but..
Do you have PHP installed properly with all the extensions? And/or is your encoding correct?
Localhost. You have a configuration problem.

Are you able to make a simple hello.php page?

<?php echo "Hello"; ?>

If so then try a phpinfo page...

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

That might give you the info you need to adjust your PHP.