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Full Version: Produces multipage under Flatty?
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I wonder how you get this shown in the picture. Uses Flatty as theme.

[Image: 2pXqPJW.png]

Have downloaded the image from another forum using Flatty.
Open Flatty theme template "forumdisplay_thread" to edit.

Search for:
<div class="author smalltext">{$thread['profilelink']} {$thread['multipage']}</div>

Move "{$thread['multipage']}" to:
<span>{$prefix} {$gotounread}{$thread['threadprefix']}<span class="{$inline_edit_class} {$new_class}" id="tid_{$inline_edit_tid}"><a href="{$thread['threadlink']}">{$thread['subject']}</a></span></span>

Like this:
<span>{$prefix} {$gotounread}{$thread['threadprefix']}<span class="{$inline_edit_class} {$new_class}" id="tid_{$inline_edit_tid}"><a href="{$thread['threadlink']}">{$thread['subject']}</a></span>{$thread['multipage']}</span>
Thanks, it went well. But I also want this to be seen. I thought as you have on your forum
This feature only take effect if the thread has more than one page. You can set the number of posts per page in threads on acp settings.
Excuse the wait, but did just as you said but it didn't help. I want the thread pages to be visible.

<tr class="inline_row">
	<td align="center" class="{$bgcolor}{$thread_type_class}" width="2%"><span class="thread_status {$folder}" title="{$folder_label}">&nbsp;</span></td>
	<td class="{$bgcolor}{$thread_type_class}">
          <span>{$prefix} {$gotounread}{$thread['threadprefix']}<span class="{$inline_edit_class} {$new_class}" id="tid_{$inline_edit_tid}"><a href="{$thread['threadlink']}">{$thread['subject']}</a></span>{$thread['multipage']}</span>
			<div class="author smalltext">{$thread['profilelink']} </div>
	<td align="center" class="{$bgcolor}{$thread_type_class}"><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/misc.php?action=whoposted&tid={$thread['tid']}" onclick="MyBB.whoPosted({$thread['tid']}); return false;">{$thread['replies']}</a>{$unapproved_posts}</td>
	<td align="center" class="{$bgcolor}{$thread_type_class}">{$thread['views']}</td>
	<td class="{$bgcolor}{$thread_type_class}" style="white-space: nowrap; text-align: right;">
		<span class="lastpost smalltext">{$lastpostdate}<br />
		<a href="{$thread['lastpostlink']}">{$lang->lastpost}</a>: {$lastposterlink}</span>
Lifts this thread again.

I would like the page numbers to be visible. How to proceed?
Lifts the thread as the problem has not been solved yet. I followed the guide written in the thread but it does not appear visible.

You only see the pages when you hover on the thread title.

How to display the page table?