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Full Version: Shoutbox error
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The most popular(?) mod is upgraded for RC4 but it has an error when upgrading templates:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in C:\\wampp2\\htdocs\\Forum\\templateinstall.php on line 26
Oops, silly mistake but fixed in the file attached.

Please check your global templates for any shoutbox templates and remove any you find, then upload and run the attached templateinstall.php file. Remember to delete the file afterwards.

The main download package for this mod has been upgraded too.
Thanks MM, working perfectly.
I just used the RC3 one but added require "./inc/features_post.php"; in shoutbox.php and it works too
yeah, but there is table prefixes too in the new one, and I think mm said he was going to add some extra feature soon.
I'm planning on adding a couple of small admin features but nothing major, and I don't plan on doing this until MyBB is 'Gold'.

The shoutbox upgrade simply add's table prefixes, /slap support and some slightly more "correct" code.