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Full Version: Add a button in the editor?
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Hello @ll,
Is it possible to add the hide function as a button? So if someone wants to hide a certain part in his thread, all he has to do is click the button and the code automatically comes.
Example: if you want to insert an image [img] [/ img]<br /><br />[Image: NJv5P.png]

if yes how can I implement this?
THX in advance for your help!

you can try using My Insert Buttons plugin
re .m.,
thank you!
When I activate the plugin, the bottom bar disappears completely ..
[Image: kOjPp.png]
looks like required javascript code is NOT inserted into codebuttons template
<script type="text/javascript" src="{$mybb->asset_url}/jscripts/sceditor/myinsertbuttons/mibutton.js?ver='.MIB_PLUGIN_VER.'"></script>

however, hide button should be already inserted into the editor for the Thanks system plugin
so above suggested plugin is not really required to add hide button for Thanks system plugin

(need to check related code inThanks system plugin ...)
re .m.,
I just checked the codebuttons template, the code is not inside.
Is there a solution? I didn't understand that exactly