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Full Version: Language System
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I noticed the recent shoutbox dowload didn't include the usage of the new language system.

In future mods, as well as table prefix infomation, can you include the language system too please?? (and release an update for shoutbox)
I'm not planning on adding language support to any of my current mods...or at least not yet anyway. The main reason for this is that apart from the fact it results in a longer installation process, I have no way of offering support to anyone in a different language.

I suppose in theory, anyone that wants to add the system to the mods themselves must have a pretty decent knowledge of PHP.

I'll probably look into adding the language system to my mods in the future, but for now I'm afraid they'll have to stay "hard-coded" as english only mods.
Hmm, ok, but this is something I would like to see cause the language system is cool.
MM Wrote:longer installation
Actually, wont you just need to say "upload shoutbox.lang.php to inc/languages/enlgish/" ????

Smile Ok, I can wait.
Not always. Let's say there is a mod which requires editing of forumdisplay.php, then the file forumdisplay.lang.php may also need to be edited. Same with the admin cp stuff.

In all honesty I doubt you'll see language support my mods for quite a while.
Well, would you mind if I create a side one perhaps

One with (mine) and one without (yours)

I have enough experience in the lang files now Smile I already did a few tutorials of your into language file based Toungue
But then there would be two versions of each mod.

Basically, anyone that wants to use a mod with language support must modify the code themselves, and at the moment that's hardly anyone.