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Hello Community,

 I release to you a theme designed by a graphics company that went out of business. Some of it's credits will belong to PixelMonkey. However, the theme it was originally for was Vbulletin software. I took the images, and ported it to fit Mybb Software. I am a newbie when it comes to coding. I've had a few people on this forum message me and said it was kind of buggy. If I could maybe have a little help making it better, I believe this theme would be popular for this community. 

 Here are a little previews and demos of the port. I hope you guys/girls like it!

[Image: iB5yGrP.png]

[Image: 1rDqLai.png]

[Image: PswFVwM.png]

[Image: 3xMMDeE.png]


Thank you for your contribution.
Are the menu buttons for the header in CSS or image files?
(2020-02-15, 01:31 PM)MrAnderson Wrote: [ -> ]Are the menu buttons for the header in CSS or  image files?

Image files, but I include the PSD. It really needs to be re-developed. lol