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Full Version: Getting started Dark theme with large type
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As the registered user name suggests, I am someone that has a severe visual impairment. I am completely new to forum creation. I hope to create a forum that is dark with large type.  Easy to navigate for people with low vision. Those of you with experience may be able to suggest a good theme to download that I may edit. Dark letters on a pale or white background are very hard on the eyes.
Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Also I hope to use xampp to test my project. 

Thanks in advance
if all you're looking for is a dark theme you can increase the letter size on and is easy on the eyes, then I'd recommend checking out one of the community created themes over at - for example, .
If you would be willing to pay for the theme, then I'd recommend .
You could start with this as a good starting base point and edit to your desired font sizing and any further needs. Though there a handful of dark frontend themes to choose from Also there are plenty of dark admin styles to choose from that you could modify for font sizing and further needs. Best of luck and happy editing! Cool
Thanks to both of you for the info.