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Full Version: Admin login and forum viewing problems
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So currently i can log in to the admin pannel but if i choose any option i.e configuration, preferences is asks me to log in again when i do the page just flashes and wipes my inputed data

Also when i connect to the site via any pc bar the server machine the page does not show correctly (think css is missing) see images below

also i would like to have the forum with the url but can only connect to this via server machine and no others but the url does work witch used to be the main site but ive moved it for testing
Check "Site details" and see if the path and cookie domain\ path are correct.
see related guidance here => broken styles
(2020-02-15, 10:49 PM)begincaos Wrote: [ -> ]Check "Site details" and see if the path and cookie domain\ path are correct.

Hello, I am new to all of this. I know I'm not supposed to re-post questions that have already been answered, but for me, this is only half an answer. I am having the same issue that the other person posted in that I can log into the dashboard but can't get any further - however, I have no idea where to go to check the "site details". I'm not a programmer and if the cookie domain\ path are incorrect, what is the correction to be made?  Can someone please point me to the step by step directions on how to make this correction rather than a partial answer?
^ from your recent thread I understand that you were able to use forum admin panel without problems.

so is the problem occurred all of a sudden ?
what is your forum url ? which theme you are using ?