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Full Version: Plugin not recognising table existing
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Hey all,

I'm missing something really small here, I'm not sure what. This is my first time making a plugin so bear with me Toungue

In my is_installed function, I have the following code: 
    global $db;
    if($db->table_exists("flts_paypal")) {
        echo 'True';
        return true;
    else {
        echo 'false';
        return false;

(echos are for testing)

And in my install I have this code (relating to the table): 
    $sql = "CREATE TABLE flts_paypal(#####)";

(Hashes in place of SQL). The table creates normally in the database, however, my is_installed returns false every time, meaning you don't get the option to deactivate or uninstall the plugin. 

Any thoughts?

table_exists(), as well as other database functions, uses the configured table prefix (mybb_ by default) - generally, plugins should use the same one as the MyBB installation, so you can prepend the TABLE_PREFIX constant to installed table names to use these functions.
Right, I think I get you.

So table name should be TABLE_PREFIX . “paypal”; ?


So I updated it to create a table using the prefix constant, but it's still returning false after creation.

Edit, fixed it. Thanks @Devilshakerz