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Full Version: How can I make back up of my forum everynight?
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I am running a game server and mybb forum both of these are started 6 days ago. On my forum there are 22 registered members and 110+ replies on 30+ Threads.
I am a newbie in this area so I am feared that I don't want my user data to get lost by any means. So I want to know that after installing the mybb on your webhosting (mine is hostinger) and setting up your mysql database for it. I have done this follwing and youtube video everything works fine. but what is that next step to keep my users data backup on daily basis manually in my local computer not on internert so that I can store each day data on my computer and if in case anything bad happen I can use that downloaded data of yesterday to save my website.

I just have 0 knowledge of mysql and php.
MyBB has a weekly backup task for the database. it stores backup of the database
on your web server. that task can be edited to run daily once AND you can manually
download daily
if required.

forum admin panel >> tools & maintenance >> tasks --> Weekly Backup

Title --> change to --> Daily Backup
Time: Weekdays --> select Sunday to Saturday
Task enabled? --> select 'yes' & save task

database will be saved to backups named subfolder of your forum's admin folder
you can download it & delete from your web server [depending on webspace availability]

if your forum uses attachments then you can manually download uploads
named folder of your forum's web server (can be a tedious task everyday !)

see also this related thread & this related post (in that same thread)
Thanks I managed to setup this task to run on daily basis.