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Full Version: Tutorial Post bit float right number of post,threads,rep
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Post bit float right number of post,threads,rep

Go ACP >> Templates & Style >> Templates>> your theme >> Post Bit Templates>> postbit_author_user

replace everything with this(this will float right numbers of post,threads and register date)
	{$lang->postbit_posts} <span style="float: right">{$post['postnum']}</span><br />
	{$lang->postbit_threads} <span style="float: right">{$post['threadnum']}</span><br />
	{$lang->postbit_joined} <span style="float: right">{$post['userregdate']}</span><br />

if you want numbers of repuptation float right go ACP >> Templates & Style >> Templates>> your theme >> Post Bit Templates>> postbit_reputation
and replace everything with this
{$lang->postbit_reputation} <span style="float: right">{$post['userreputation']}</span>