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Full Version: Websites,blog and forums to affiliate
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Hello everyone.
Anonshare is ready to affiliate.
We are looking for Websites,blogs and forums to affilate.

Our affilate page:

if you intresting just pm me.

I'd Glad to assist you.
PM Sent, Please Check.

Very Best Regards
Carter W
By affiliate, you mean share a link to. On a page that nobody will see, and which is not linked anywhere on your website, except in one place, under a hamburger menu that most of your users probably won't ever click on. On a website that condones hacking - and even has a usergroup set up for that purpose. I just feel people should be fully seized of what you are offering them.
I am not sharing hacking tools, we share only tutorials that are full legal,but you don't know that because you just sawthe hacking category,you didn't check whats inside.
I am not gonna add banners that i affiliate on my index because there will be more banners,
If you don't want to affiliate you dont have to post here,just leave it