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Full Version: SMF2 avatar merge
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(2020-03-26, 11:14 PM)Shade Wrote: [ -> ]I may consider adding this to FASTyle. Thanks.
It will be great! Thank you for your respond.
What is interesting, noticed that PRIMARY selection, about which I wrote above,
it seems, is working on chrome/chromium OK (including even MyBB rich text editor and in FAStyle too),
but it's not working at in some firefox based web browsers... (Or maybe just sometimes?) It needs more testing, but this is very strange.
Yes, it's not fully working (copy/paste from primary selection), it's work only to copy,
but paste (middle mouse click) is not working for some reasons in MyBB template editors in both browsers (FF/chrome).
It's working in MyBB default WYSIWYG editor, but paste from primary - middle mouse click do nothing in default template editor
or in FASTyle, it works to copy only (to primary clipboard, when selecting text). Probably some problem exist in MyBB core code,
because primary selection copy/paste used to work for me on all other resources in all forms, as far as I remember.
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