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Full Version: SMF import forums SQL error
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I'm trying to merge from a SMF 2.0.14 forum to Mybb, at first I used the latest Mybb version but I had some issues that the aim field was non existent on mybb, so instead I used 1.8.10 which allowed it to go forward with importing the issues.

Now I'm getting a different error though.

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
    1366 - Incorrect integer value: '' for column `jimmy_testmybb`.`mybb_forums`.`pid` at row 1
    INSERT INTO mybb_forums (`import_fid`,`name`,`description`,`import_pid`,`disporder`,`linkto`,`lastpost`,`parentlist`,`lastposter`,`lastposttid`,`lastposteruid`,`lastpostsubject`,`threads`,`posts`,`type`,`active`,`open`,`allowhtml`,`allowmycode`,`allowsmilies`,`allowimgcode`,`allowvideocode`,`allowpicons`,`allowtratings`,`usepostcounts`,`usethreadcounts`,`password`,`showinjump`,`style`,`overridestyle`,`rulestype`,`rules`,`unapprovedthreads`,`unapprovedposts`,`defaultdatecut`,`defaultsortby`,`defaultsortorder`,`pid`) VALUES (18,'The war','',0,15,'',0,'','',0,0,'',0,0,'f',1,1,0,1,1,1,'1',1,1,1,1,'',1,0,0,0,'',0,0,0,'','','') 

Please contact the MyBB Group for technical support.

It should fill in something for the pid I'm guessing but it doesn't, could this be because I'm using some child boards as well?
though not sure about actual cause, replies here can be of some help
Seems indeed a probleem with child boards as far as I can see, as I don't have a very active board currently I can experiment a bit. I moved all child boards to the main category and then I could import them. I'm up till Posts now.

I'll post back here with any outcomes as that may help others as well Smile
^ okay. Thanks for the feedback.
Seems most things worked after doing that, missing a few avatars but nothing I can't fix manually.
^ good to know it Smile
The child forums being imported issue OP has encountered should be this one: and it might be fixed by this pull request: .
This PR isn't merged yet, so OP may use the intermediate build for MyBB version up to 1.8.21 for test:

For MyBB 1.8.22, OP may modify file ./merge/boards/smf2/forums.php according to changes specified here: .