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Current Version: 0.6.0.

Install, Customization, Change Log, and Copyright:
Find attached to this post, a file called ReadMe.txt. This will explain how to install/upgrade, customise it, what changes made each version were, and what you can and can't do with this mod.

Coming soon:
* More suggestions needed....... (doesn't have to be a big one)

* If you find one, please report them here as soon as you can.

Thanks for this k776. This modification has been validated and added to the main site.

May I ask a small favour though, that in future you only list mods on the main site or the forum to save a little confusion. Wink

Thanks. Smile
ok, well I originally made this to post the files till they were on the site, then I would edit the first post above, change the files to a link and make this a support thread. And link to this thread in my mod submititions to save numerous threads.

But your the boss Smile Let me know what you want done.