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Full Version: [Request] Postbit Animated background
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(2022-01-09, 04:52 PM)Noter33 Wrote: [ -> ]
(2020-02-29, 08:40 PM)Baltafar Wrote: [ -> ]ACP > Configuration > Custom Profile Fields > add a new field

Copy this

[Image: nh2SZJD.png]

choose which groups can use it

[Image: 9tYqp9q.png]

style="background: url({$post['fid4']})

Add this code to whereever you want it to work in.

Make sure to replace the 4 with your own ID.

[Image: k6xjfGb.png]

then add a image url in UCP > edit profile

[Image: wzj2JMy.png]

[Image: DH376US.png]

[Image: I8mJlUf.gif]


If you want to display the same image from the postbit as a member profile background then just add this code to

Edit Template: member_profile

style="background-image: url({$memprofile['fid4']});

Or if you want to display a user's profile background in the memberlist

Edit Template: memberlist_user

style="background-image: url({$user['fid4']});

I'm not including any CSS.


Dodgy You don't even know how to install an sceditor based on your recent threads. Please do not post things that are false and ruin the OPS progress in contributing to the forums. It discourages people from learning, and actually want to use this preferred method. 

<p><script>/* OP POST IS L33T... */</script></p>
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