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Full Version: Most of the pictures/screenshots are no longer linked here
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First of all, I would like to emphasize that I am a person who learns with pictures (tutorials with pictures/Screenshots).

I am an absolute DUMMIE - for that I have other advantages and talentsĀ  Big Grin
I am German / French - I am admin in a French forum AND have to struggle with English here (and also with my miserable English language skills).

Unfortunately, most of the pictures/screenshots are no longer linked here, so that only the "text" remains and I find that (for me) very difficult ...

It would be nice and helpful if the thread starters who post wonderful tutorials or answer user questions with pictures (screenshots) update the links.
For those who are lucky enough to "understand" MYBB it is not a problem, but for dummies like me it is a disaster ... and you tend to bombard professionals with millions of questions ... I personally find that very much uncomfortable ...

So I kindly ask all of you to update her screenshot links. Please ... Angel

Thanks in advance,
most of them are no longer in the forum,
You can check some of my tutorials too,I give picture for preview only
but tell me if you dont understand something
Most of the help / support and tutorials are using code (php, js, css, html, ...) so pictures are quite irrelevant.
As Mastersly said, pictures are usefull for preview but nothing else.
What screenshots are you exactly talking about? The ones on the docs work fine for me.
@StefanT he mean picutres in every step, like this
[Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f...542e706e67]
I think he is searching for images inside img tags into posts when there are tutorials.

Then users has added img mycodes within external images and many of that pictures aren't available due those external hosts have removed it, like postimg, Imageshack, tinypic, imgur, etc.
The human resources required for what you ask are out of the official team range. The quality of the content shared on the community and its continuos update is highly dependant on the author.

There might be cases were non-authors contribute by updating old content but I won't count on it.

Your suggestion and concern are understood and we appreciate you taking the time for posting them. However, there is not much that can be done to fulfill your request.

(I'm assuming you don't mean the documentation images as StefanT suggested. If that is the case then we can indeed do something about it.)
re @ll,
Yes, I mean it like in post # 5. But in fact many of them are ancient, I had overlooked that.
A question to the team MYBB ..
Why is it no longer possible to post images here directly via an image hoster, as it was a few weeks ago? Either you have the option of inserting an attachment or a non-direct link (such as many here, via imgur). That is too bad...
Personally, I find it intriguing, for example, to click on an imgr image link, then enlarge it again, go back to the tutorial or post (me with my millions of open windows ... but that's my personal chaos ;-))
But I would like to correct my sentence from my start thread a little:
Quote:Unfortunately, most of the some pictures / screenshots are no longer linked here, so that only the "text" remains and I find that (for me) very difficult ...
My tongue was faster than my brain, sorry ...