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Full Version: Image Resizing
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Is there a setting for max image size? Not the file size but the dimensions.
Just use CSS:

Open global.css for your theme and find
.scaleimages img {
	max-width: 100%;

You can change it to whatever you like.
What do you mean exactly, what's you intention?

1) Max dimension on image upload?
Then you need to check the file properties via PHP code and allow or dismiss files not matching your defined dimension.

2) Max dimension to display?
Then you can simply use CSS to resize, as Wildcard mentioned above.

Sorry I wasn't very clear. I have a user that says his attachments are failing because the image size is to large. So yes 1) Max dimension on image upload?

Is there a php setting for this?
No, there is no settings for image dimensions on uploading attachments.
In ACP > Configuration > Attachment Types you can set the file size only, but no dimensions.
But you can define the max dimensions of Avatars.

What image file is being uploaded (format, file size, original dimension)?
Can you reproduce this upload by yourself?

I tried to to reproduce but with no luck. I'm beginning to think its either an invalid file or its over the attachment size. Thanks for your help.