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Full Version: Email alerts
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Since the update members have been noting a lack of email updates

I've had this issue in the past; I seem to remember that there is something that should be in one of the templates to tell the software to send emails which seems to dissipate for some reason.  Can somebody remind me where this is/ or should be?
you can try using this plugin => Automatic Subscriptions
You can try mass email tool and check if their are server mail errors as well. Normally some email alerts should be going by default. You can modify templates to make notifications to email by default.
Or You can try .m. suggestion.
I think I was misunderstood!

The template I was looking for is the "Do not emove" bit on the footer; for some reason, after every myBB update, it is removed (likely due to the custom theme being used). Now put it back and I think all is working as it should
^ so you were referring to tasks running code in the footer template !