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Full Version: BBCode Problem?
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Forum Version: 1.8.3

Problem: I have noticed that when trying to post IMG Codes or VIDEO Codes, they do not go through.  They will show up in the editor
[Image: HsBxkfI.png]

but when you go to actually post the image/video/whatever, this is what is posted instead

[Image: TEHy3j0.png]

This is also the case for signatures.

I have looked at every setting possible, I have read through dozens of "fixes" and I cannot seem to find a single fix for this... what can I do?
have you installed forum recently or is the problem started recently ? which theme you are using ?
provide forum url & a test user account so that someone can check the issue
The forum has not been recently installed, no. This has been around for a while; the problem is definitely recent though.

I don't think it's theme dependent, it happens on all of the themes.

Please Disregard. The issue was User Error, not Forum Error.