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Full Version: ABP Prune Members
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ABP Prune Members 0.2

Plugin to automatically prune inactive members

Just upload the content of the Upload/ directory to the root of your board, then install and activate.
Think to change the settings !

  • Group members : only members having their primary group in one of these groups will be affected
  • Based search : you can choose wether you base your search on registration date or on last activity
  • Days : will delete users registered before the number of days or with an inactivity greater than the number of days. Minimum is 1 day
  • Posts : will only delete users having less than this number of posts
Just choose how often you want to exceute this task. Default is each first day of month at 03h18 AM

Nota bene The task use the UserDatahandler to delete users, so the super admin are protected. They are the only ones!

Nice! Thank you!

Maybe you can use my "old" task script to prune old PMs or soft deleted messages and make it better (ACP settings etc) - I dont have time for this but I get so many PMs from users about these improvements.

Just to have ALL-IN-ONE solution in one plugin Wink Just my idea - keep good work and take care!
I'll have a look on that, I think it's possible Smile
Thank you for your contribution.
(2020-03-31, 11:14 AM)Crazycat Wrote: [ -> ]I'll have a look on that, I think it's possible Smile

Just links (these two tasks are not something big but it works)

Version 0.2: Seeker-Smith found a little typo in a constant, creating a lot of warnings. Corrected.
And I also uncomment a line in the task file, just one of the more important (the real "delete users" part).

Just reupload the new version and all will be alright.
When this plugin deletes the users, does it leave their posts in the forum?
No, the plugin just delete users.
You could force pruning content by modifying the inc/tasks/abp_prune_members.php @line 31:
$deleteds = $userhandler->delete_user(array_keys($list), 1);