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Full Version: Register Problem
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there is a problem with the registration, 

[Image: Screenshot-2020-04-06-at-8-58-33-PM.png]

i did try all the sol of, this worked, 
set global sql_mode='';
but after few hours it began again
Hey I did some research for you!

@.m. already gave an answer to the same error in a previous thread.

Here is the answer:

Hopefully it helps!
(2019-05-29, 12:45 AM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]basically the problem appears to be due to strict mode of your database server.
perhaps it would be better to contact your webhost & request to disable that strict mode

you may also try below method but not sure it would work

uninstall the plugin.
open the plugin file mytabs.php with notepad++ or editor at webhost panel

around line 116 find
$db->add_column('users', 'default_tab', 'TEXT NOT NULL');
change to
$db->add_column('users', 'default_tab', 'TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0');
save the file & try using it

btw, this MyTabs plugin was NOT coded in a perfect manner. better to not use it.