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Full Version: Interal sql error 2002
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This happens every day, i always have to reboot the server and then it starts working, (repeats again after the dayy)

[Image: FRVKthk.png]
basically that is a problem with your web host server.
contact your web host support & ask to analyze the problem

meanwhile you can try checking latest entries of server error log
[errors displayed at your web host control panel] to trace the cause

may be sessions table is filling up. if so see suggested fixes here => Link
When a server reboot will help to resolve for the moment, then it is likely an inproper configuration on your webserver or just a lack of needed hardware resources.

First of all check your server log files, then look at all statistics (visits, sessions, loads) as well as memory usage, utlilization and limits! You may ask your hosting service to assist.