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Full Version: Community Forums Features & Changelog
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The Community Forums is often the first to test new versions of our own software. However, your browsing experience may differ compared to a standard MyBB installation, due to functional and visual modifications that make the discussion board at the heart of the Project compatible with its website, and able to run integrated services like the Extend platform.

With extensibility being MyBB's core feature, the Community Forums also takes advantage of multiple public extensions. Those include:
  • Ad Rem with customized Ruleset, automating spam detection and moderation,

  • Amnesia, automating privacy-related requests regarding account data,

  • DVZ Secure Content, assuring users' safety when viewing external embedded content,

  • DVZ Code Tags, adding syntax highlighting features for posts with code snippets,

  • External User Labels, synchronizing staff tags with the Project's Team page (designed for our narrow use case),

  • MinimalEditor, adding a quick Preview option when the default MyCode editor is disabled,

  • MySupport, enhancing thread management features in support sections.

This thread will include updates on changes introduced on the Forums. For feedback, go to the MyBB Project & Site Issues forum or #infra on our Discord server.