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Full Version: banned ip and banned email search algorithm?
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The mechanisms in place to help keep the forum spam free are really fantastic.

I'm getting 5-10 blocks a day.  When my Spam Log shows a new attempt which has been blocked by the Stop Forum Spam lookup, I usually add that IP to the list of Banned IP's and sometimes add the email, or email domain to the list of Banned Email addresses.  As a result, these lists are starting to get to be somewhat long.  (If someone is particularly obnoxious - I just block the IP at my firewall).

How is the lookup of a banned IP or email done?  Is it a linear search through the list or a hash table, or some other function?  If it's a linear search - at what size of list do people start to see performance degradation on the forum?  Should I be concerned about the list getting too long and think about actively trimming it, or is that not a concern?