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Full Version: Plugins not working with my theme?
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if you searched in google Plugins not working with my theme, then you are in the right place now


Simply go to ACP=>Configuration=> plugins

uninstall al your plugins


go to ACP => Templates & Style => import your theme


back to ACP=>Configuration=> plugins

and re-install your plugins

it should work now.

Note: because plugins add some variables to the theme you need to find those variable and add them to your theme if you imported the theme after installing the plugins or just follow the steps above.
I would advice against following this.
(2020-04-22, 10:26 PM)OmarĀ G. Wrote: [ -> ]I would advice against following this.
it worked with me when i had the same problem
Thanks for contributing this! Smile

I will say that it's usually better to deactivate/reactivate instead of completely reinstalling. That's probably what Omar G. is referring to. The normal convention is that template edits go into the activate functionality, and database changes, settings, etc. go into the install/uninstall one. So if you deactivate/reactivate (instead of fully reinstalling), you don't lose the plugin's data, settings, etc.

Otherwise this is pretty much what I do every time and it works! Smile