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Full Version: OUGC Hide Administrator Location
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[Image: preview_25096_1588406812_24331d4dd4d677d...9828ff.png]
Hide administrator's location from the Who Is Online (WOL) list

🚀 About

OUGC Hide Administrator Location is a MyBB plugin designed to enhance privacy and security. With this plugin, administrators can effortlessly hide their location from the Who Is Online (WOL) list, ensuring their presence remains discreet. Additionally, the plugin allows for selective user and group hiding, providing administrators with greater control over who appears in the WOL list. However, administrators retain the ability to see the location of any user at all times.

➕ More Information

You can find more information in the plugin GitHub repository or the official OUGC.Network web page.


Download the latest package from the MyBB Extend site or from the repository releases.
Great idea Omar, will definitely be useful to a lot of forums.
Thank you Ben, this one is actually 8 years old now, I have been digging my Github account.
This plugin has been updated for MyBB 1.8.33 and PHP 8.