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Full Version: Use source editor by default for newly registered users
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I know that there is tutorial about this, but it's outdated, and by that I mean that .php file we are going to edit has changed it's structure since old tutorial has written so even if it's easy fix people still got confused.

As title says, this will work only for newly registered users, not for existing ones.

Go to your folder where you installed mybb, than go to inc -> datahandlers and open users.php file.
Now, find this piece of code:
"sourceeditor" => (int)$user['options']['sourceeditor'] = 0

and replace it with this one:
"sourceeditor" => (int)$user['options']['sourceeditor'] = 1
(We just changed number 0 to number 1).
Save your users.php file and that's it.

At the time when this tutorial is released, current version of mybb is 1.8.22