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Full Version: error on pluggins support screen on 1.8 version
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hi there

i have recently upgraded mybb forum to 1.8. versionĀ 

when i click on pluggin it shows below errorĀ 

/home/shafa/public_html/inc/languages/english/admin/gomobile.lang.php does not exist
Emm, it should be caused by the "gomobile" plugin's not having an English language pack..

Is it possible to find if this plugin has an update that has an English language pack?

Or simply if you don't have to use this plugin, move/rename file ./inc/plugins/gomobile.php to ./inc/plugins/gomobile.php.bak. By doing so, it may let you enter the plugin page.
thank you very much solved my issue
Further, if you don't need that plugin anymore, better remove it completely. Remove with caution if the plugin has installed something in your database.