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Full Version: Looking for email notification for every post or digest - mailing like
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Hi community,
I am starting a forum for a few dozens of persons. Most of them are used to work email mainly. But I want to attract them to a forum with interesting features. The search tool is a major one. Having installed myBB, I noticed that here is no email notification for every new post unless the user visit the forum. Getting all posts of a subscribed forum in the mail is interesting in order to decide to visit the forum later or to react quickly to a post. Could you point me to a way or a plugin to bring this feature to my colleagues? Alternatively, is there is digest per day feature?
Thanks a lot for your answer. I installed, tested and tweaked AutomaticSubscriptions. It's perfect. Very good job Matt!
It's not clear whether the activation process inserts AS templates in MyBB templates or not. I did this by hand, and transformed all subscriptions to hidden default values in order to simplify the interface at registration.
I installed the BootBB template and the result is nice.
I didn't test Newsletter yet, as it does not an automatic digest of posts. But it might be useful if we need Newsletter.
Having tested Vanilla, I enjoy MyBB.