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Full Version: Moderator names corrupted format
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Hello everyone!

I'm using the latest MyBB version with php 7.0.3 with the Dark 1.8 theme.

Somehow the format of the moderator names on the forum display isn't showing up correctly for some moderators.

Please check the screenshot.


Can anyone show me the right direction on what could be causing this?

Kind regards.
If the style configuration of that user's display group is correct, then it seems that some plugin has altered (and then cached) the user name style for that user.
So, what should i try to do? Disable plugins?
Yep I think you could try to disable all plugins temporarily for one time to see if it's caused by plugins. There's an option in configurations to disable all plugins.
After disabling them all, this is what i get:


That means it is plugin related?
Yeah seems so. Looks like your forum has some plugin that could change user name styles and maybe the cause is from it.
So, i found the plugin causing this, it is Last Poster Avatar.


This option is causing this.