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Full Version: Change the language
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(2020-05-24, 09:35 PM)Crazycat Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry, but which language ?
Hebrew, i found the 1.8.3 version, and i have 1.8.22 installed in my forum.
how can i fix that?
Ok, confirmed, only the front is translated.
Two solutions: translate yourself or find someone to translate into hebrew.
no have another things to do?
If there is no translation available, no other solution exists than create the translation.
It's easy to do, but needs a long time (and knowledge of english and destination language).

How to proceed ?
1. In you ACP, go to "Configuration > Languages"
2. You have a button "Options" in the right of the row about your language, click it
3. Select "Edit language variables" or "Edit with English (American)"
3.a. the first option only show the language variables
3.b. the second show you the original (english) and the destination (I prefer this one)
4. go down to "Admin CP" section
5. for each file, click "Edit" and translate each phrase
6. don't forget to save Smile

Nota bene: you'll meet some variables like {1} or {2} in phrases, try to find what they represent each time.
Example with generated_in in admin/global.lang.php:
Generated in {1} with <a href="{2}" target="_blank">{3} queries</a>. Memory Usage: {4}
{1} is the time of generation
{2} is the link to the debug page
{3} is the number of queries
{4} is the memory used
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