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Full Version: Please help out about this (Smiles)
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Please help me I want to know how to add this smiles to my forum, and where to get them

Secondly I want to know how to place it in my theme, where is it locate or to be placed in my theme
Upload your smilies in a new folder in images/smilies/, then in ACP > Home > Smilies, choose the tab "Add Multiple Smilies" and enter your directory.

Example: create a subdir "mysmiles" in images/smilies/ and put images/smilies/mysmiles/ in the "Path to Images" field, then click "Show smilies". You'll be able to enable them and change their code.
You can also edit the preinstalled smilies to remove them or change their code

You can find smilies pack at
Okay, but am not really understand
Trying to make it simplest:
1. using an ftp client as filezilla, create a directory called "mysmiles" in your images/smilies/ directory
2. always using the ftp client, upload the smileys pictures you want to use in the previously created directory
3. in your ACP, go to home > Smilies
4. choose the tab "Add Multiple Smilies"
5. fill the requested input with "images/smilies/mysmiles/" and click the button
Yes, I have did that but how will I display it for users use and where will I find it inside theme
This is not related with the theme.

To show smileys for your users, edit each smiley and check "Show on clickable list? Yes"