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Full Version: 1.8.22 Authorization Mismatch
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Good day,

I have installed MyBB many, many, times.  Today I did a fresh install from the downloads page.  When trying to log in I get the message:

Quote:Authorization code mismatch. Are you accessing this function correctly? Please go back and try again.

I attempted to ensure the steps identified in this topic ( were in-place.

Still the error message is being displayed.

Any and all assistance is appreciated because I can not release the forum to the user as it is.

Just to update this topic, a search returned that I may have a cookie path issue. I changed the path and saved the change. I then reverted it to the original path and saved the change.

I now get a message that I am logged in but when the page refreshes, I am not logged into the forum.
It might also be caused by improper cookie settings, please read this doc

Other causes are possible, please read this post

And a fix that would mitigate some will be in next release, please read this post you may manually edit the changes.

Probably you could post your forum URL so that we can check what the real cause is for the Authorization code mismatch issue.
Okay, I cleared all mybb cookies and was able to log in properly.

Guess the cookie path was the issue all along.