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Full Version: Xthread error
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I upgrademy php to 7.1 and Xthreads 1.67 plugin give following error and its custom field not work properly.
Can anyone help me. I have mybb1806.

Thank you.


update the plugin to the 1.68 version, because:
PHP 7 compatibility fixes

Sure it's fixed the problem you posted about preg_replace with the /e modifier:
Since PHP 7.0.0	Support for the /e modifier has been removed. Use preg_replace_callback() instead.
It changes style. I am not able to get field to be enter while editing or creating thread.
Can any one help me in this issue?
Did you try to update the thread fields cache by editing and saving any of them?
Ohhh.... Thanks a lot Omar. You saved my lots of time.
Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much.